We offer a wide selection of sponge backing
leather patchwork sheeting for garment
& handbag making.
Standard Size: 26" x 40"
Natural Garment Scraps Patchwork Sheeting:
1. Materials: Lamb/Cow Nappa
2. Materials: Sheep/Cow Nubuck
3. Materials: Lamb/Cow/Pigskin, sprayed 2 tones/colours
Natural Fur Patchwork Sheeting for Garment Making:
Materials: Opossum, Spanish Lamb, Mink, Fox, Raccoon, Rat & Nutria
Colours: Black, Brown and grey, etc.

We also import and export garment leather scraps such as lamb nappa, cow nappa/suede, sheep/cow nubuck, pig skin/suede, and goat skin/suede, etc.

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